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Car Fire Extinguisher

  • Warranty : 15 days against manufacturing defec…
  • Accessory Type : Lights & Reflectors
  • Product Weight (g) : 2000

Product Specifications

15 days against manufacturing …
Accessory Type
Lights & Reflectors
Product Weight (g)

Product Information

As an essential part of every vehicle and home safety kit, a car fire extinguisher is a specialty product designed to do a specific job. Although your vehicle is assembled with optimum safety in mind, many of its components are potential fire hazards. Should you encounter a sudden and dangerous fire situation, having a fire extinguisher on hand will allow you to fight the blaze and deter excessive vehicle damage.

General Properties of a Quality Car Fire Extinguisher

Shopping for a fire extinguisher to store in your vehicle for safety purposes can be overwhelming. Here are some essential features to look for:

Light weight Compact shape Durable body preferably aluminum as that material is corrosion-free and light Ready filled available for immediate use Controlled discharge should have a durable and controlled trigger Good warranty to ensure you are protected from faulty manufacturing
Fire extinguisher (400ml) with Holder Case or Stand Can be fixed on wall or in car Used for home, car, shop and factory, etc. Simple structure, flexible operation, convenient application Fast extinguishing speed, high efficiency Non-Toxic, Environmentally Friendly formula Temperature range 0-60°c Max working pressure 18 bar Test temperature 27 bar

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