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Maxel Electric Hair Beard Trimmer

  • 4 Attachments
  • High quality motor
  • Requires no battery
  • Runs on electricity
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Maxel has launched a specially designed Electric Hair Beard Trimmer to make your hair trimming process effortless and gives you a perfect hair cut that defines the shape and look of your face. This hair beard electric trimmer comes with 4 Attachments, Scissors and Comb. It gives you professional cutting results by which you can make your own style every time with 4 Attachments for different hair sizes. It gives you the sexy stubble look beard with the special thin trimming feature.

The ergonomic shape of the Electric Hair Beard Trimmer helps it fit easily in your hands and also aids in using the clipper in different angles. It comes with a special long lasting Stainless Steel Blades for excellent cutting. The scissors and medium comb can be used before and after clipping. The life of the blades increase when you frequently lubricate them using blade oil. This trimmer comes with rubber finish to avoid rust.

The precision-ground high carbon-steel blade set on the Electric Hair Beard Trimmer clipper cuts evenly giving you optimal results. This self-sharpening blade set automatically sharpens itself as and when you use it. The cutting length of the clipper comes with 4 combs by which you can cut hair of different lengths. It comes with adjustable blades control level. It runs on electricity of 12V and has powerful great quality motor for longer duration. This trimmer saves from the hassles of changing battery problems and saves cost.


  • High quality motor for longer duration
  • Multiple attachments for different hair sizes
  • Special long lasting Stainless Steel Blades for excellent cutting
  • Special thin trimming feature (without using any attachment)
  • Requires no batteries
  • Runs on electricity
  • Adjustable blades control level
  • Rubber finish to avoid rust
  • 12V power

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