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New Epson TM-T81 Thermal Printer for Retail bill Printing

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1Year Onsite Warranty BY EPSON
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Thermal Printer for Retail bil…
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SIMPLY SHOPPING http://www.healthandsafetyboards.com/user/image/smiling-ball_sm.jpg Our First Priority is Customer Satisfaction in Quality, Price,Quick Delivery. New EPSON TM-T81 Thermal Printer with 1 year Onsite Warranty by Epson Overview Why the Epson TM-T81? Epsons constant innovations in retail printing solutions give you the best performing printers to suit your business requirements and budget. The most durable and efficient thermal receipt printer Expected lifespan of 52 million lines (MCBF), 360,000 hours (MTBF) and auto-cutter life of 1.5 million cuts More savings with minimal paper usage Adjustable margin settings reduce unnecessary paper wastage Easy installation and usage in any retail environment Windows Driver function makes the printer easy to install and use, and the wide angle of the top cover allows for quick roll replacement Specifically designed with safety in mind The circuit board is mounted upside down to protect it from accidental spillage Specification Print Paper Dimensions : Width: 79.5 ± 0.5 mm (3.13 ± 0.02) Diameter: 83 mm (3.27) maximum Paper Thickness : 0.06 to 0.07 mm (0.002 to 0.003) Interfaces : Serial, Parallel, USB, Ethernet Print Fonts : 12 x 24 / 9 x 17 / 9 x 24 mm (including 2-dot spacing horizontally) Characters Set : 95 Alphanumerical, 1 x International, 128 x 1 Extended Graphic Thai (128 x 3) & Vietnam (128 x 2) Characters Paper Type : Thermal roll paper Print Speed NORMAL: 150 mm/s (5.91/s), Approx 40.0 Ips (3.75 mm [0.15] feed) PAGE MODE PRINTING: 150 mm/s (5.91/s) BIT-IMAGE PRINTING: 150 mm/s (5.91/s) RASTER BIT-IMAGE PRINTING: 150 mm/s (5.91/s) LADDER BAR CODE, 2 DIMENSIONAL PRINTING: 99 mm/s (3.90/s) Power Power Consumption : Approx. 1.4 A (Mean) Power Supply Option : PS-180 (included) Power Supply : 24VCD ± 7% General Weight : Approx. 1.7 kg Dimensions : 144 (W) × 189 (D) × 145 (H) mm 5.67 (W) x 7.44 (D) x 5.71 (H) Reliability Reliability MCBF : 52 million lines Auto cutter 1.5 million cuts Reliability MTBF : 360,000 hours Epson TM-T81 Terms and condition of Warranty: The Product is having a manufacturer warranty of 1 Year. For any technical problem the Epson service center will provide you with the free of cost service for 1 Year ONSITE. If any type of physical damage is there then it is not included in the warranty. Octroi Charges if Applicable is to be paid by the Buyer as it is charged by the government. No Hidden Cost.

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