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Paint Zoom Ultimate Professional Paint Sprayer

  • Warranty : 6 Months Seller Warranty
  • Brand : Paint Zoom
  • Model : DM1019
  • Accessory Type : with box packing
  • Product Weight (g) : 2900
Lowest Wholesale Price : INR 7,999
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6 Months Seller Warranty
Paint Zoom
Accessory Type
with box packing
Product Weight (g)

Product Information

Paint Zoom Ultimate Professional Paint Sprayer:

The Electric Spray & Paint Machine is the smartest way to paint. One can paint, stain, or varnish with this machine. It includes a base unit with carry belt, hose, and container with high pressure paint spray gun. It is easy to use; just pull the trigger and paint. Ideal for all kinds of painting, also the paint does not drip from the container. With this one can transform any space into a sensational showplace in just few minutes as it allows you to paint on flat wall, stucco, brick, paneling, concrete, wood, glass, smooth surfaces & etc. With this one you can be creative without being messy as it saves time & money and your house looks brand new without spending much.

With the Paint Zoom, you can paint, stain, or varnish just like a pro. It also allows you paint on any surface you want - flat wall, stucco, brick, paneling, concrete, wood, and so much more.

The Paint Zoom does the hard work for you - painting in just minutes all of those surfaces that would take you hours with a brush and roller. You can be creative without being messy.

The Paint Zoom sprayer is made of ultra light, ultra durable material that lasts for years. Inside the portable power pack is an industrial strength, 650 watt motor that delivers the power you need, even for the biggest projects. Just pull the trigger and the Paint Zoom delivers a perfect amount of paint to any surface.

You can even dial in the coverage you want for vertical or horizontal painting and there is a pin point setting to get you into the tightest places that rollers and brushes cant reach.

Now you can turn an ordinary house into a magnificent home; add living color to damaged/deteriorated furniture; bring knick knacks and worn out antiques back to life - and all in only one coat, cutting your time and paint cost in half.So dump the brushes, rollers and trays and start painting the easy way.

- Paint on any surface you want, both indoors and outdoors,
- Paint Zoom - the smartest way to paint,
- Easy to use For all kinds of paint,
- Does not drip,
- Extremely light (no more pain on the back & shoulder).

- Easy to Carry,
- Easy to Use,
- Makes you Creative,
- Decrease your Expenses,
- Assist you to Paint your Dream Home,
- Types of paints which can be used,
- Oil Paint, Varnish, Latex Paint, Water-Reducible Paints.

Spray Distance:
- Approx 1 meter.

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Received Paint Zoom in perfect condition , Tested this product and found build quality Excellent , i want to use this for mostly painting my car wheel rim , car bumper and few small plastic / metal parts. i have not tested this with any paint , This can be a good tool for spraying wall paint ,varnish or lacquer as described in the users manual , The machine makes a loud noise exactly like a leaf blower (which is a con ) , i am planning to modify the fat outlet hose and connect a professional spray paint gun for perfect atomized spray , the spray pattern with water yielded blotches , i will have to learn to use this tool , If you have plans to get into professional painting then DONOT buy this product , This is an excellent product for small home DIY , cheers !!!