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The completion of tasks often requires a power supply that keeps the machinery running, or to provide light. Some machines operate on their own fuel, while others have a battery that provides energy, but that energy too runs out eventually. On construction sites, power sockets are not readily available for charging batteries, so the presence of a generator tends to be essential.

Using a generator offers a guaranteed power supply, ensuring the work can continue. Mobile generators are often powered by petrol or propane gas, while some newer versions run entirely on solar energy.

Types of generators

Generators or aggregates are available in various types and sizes, each with their own capacity. There are petrol and diesel aggregates, hybrid aggregates, and a type called silent aggregate. The latter produces less noise and consumes less fuel, explaining its name. The purchase cost however is a bit higher. The consumption of an aggregate can nowadays usually be monitored remotely.

Buying used generators on Tradus

Various used generators are being offered for sale on Tradus. Makes like Caterpillar, Atlas Copco, FG Wilson, and Pramac tend to feature frequently, but other makes, like Sdmo, Cummins, and Perkins are also available. From the Netherlands there is a consistently high supply of used aggregates being offered for sale. But Belgium and the United Kingdom see their fair share of generators offered for sale as well.

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