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Feed mixer

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Livestock farming

Land cultivation is not the only agricultural sector that relies heavily on machines to do the work efficiently; livestock farming, and horticulture use machinery for many tasks as well. Offered for sale on Tradus, you’ll find feed mixers, silage cutters, and wood chippers, among others. Of course, these machines must comply with a lot of regulations for use in livestock farming. There’s also milking parlours and mobile milking trucks, concentrated feed boxes, thermal troughs, automated calf feeders, and cow brushes.

Types of machines

The two largest categories of used machines being offered for sale through Tradus are feed mixers and silage cutters. A feed mixer, a trusted and often-used machine at many livestock farms, can mix various types of feed and offer it to the livestock. Feed mixers contain a cutting and mixing mechanism that turns the supplied ingredients into a single mixture. The animals are then offered the mixture on a conveyor or through a gutter.

Silage cutters

A silage cutter harvests silage grass as stock for the animals. The fully dried grass is collected by a loader wagon and stacked on a pile. After the pile has been thoroughly compressed, the livestock farmer can harvest regular amounts of grass from the pit using a silage cutter.

Machines for livestock farming on Tradus

Other machines offered for sale in the livestock farming and horticulture section on Tradus include, for example, branch chippers, corn discs, and wood chippers. Makes like Kongskilde, Trioliet, Kuhn, Strautmann, and Funki are strongly represented in the range. A lot of livestock farming machinery is offered for sale from Denmark. But there are also sellers from Germany, the Netherlands, and France. Makes frequently offered for sale in the Netherlands include Trioliet, Schuitemaker, and BvL.