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Sowing and planting machines

Sowing and planting machines are used in agriculture for sowing seed, with the intention of letting it grow into crops. Nowadays, large machines are available which can sow many acres of land, which greatly increases the efficiency of sowing. In the period during which the land is suitable for sowing, the sowing or planting machine moves over the land, while the gutter plough slightly opens the land. Through the sowing pipe, the seed is then released into the open groove. A seed coulter is then used to apply a new layer of soil, closing the groove.

Components of a sowing machine

A sowing machine consists of a great number of different components. Such as the lump clearer, the seed drain plug, the storage bin, the leading roll, the seed coulter, the intermediate pressure roll, and the conical pressure roll. Each element has its own function, and can remove soil, sow seed, apply new soil, or equalise the soil. When sowing, it is important not only that the seeds are at equal distance, but also that they are at the right depth. The ideal sowing depth is different for each crop.

Maintenance of the sowing machine

A sowing or planting machine requires proper maintenance, just like many other machines in agriculture. The various elements must be aligned correctly and checked regularly. A sowing machine consists of fixed components, as well as moving and rotating components, and each requires its own maintenance. Although it can be a time-consuming task to check and maintain the sowing or planting machine, it is the best way to ensure its continued functioning for a long time.

Planting machines

Using planting machines, crops, plants, and trees, with or without clump, can be placed in the soil. This includes tulip bulbs, hyacinth bulbs, and other early-stage plants, as well as rootstocks, linchpins, and conifers. In the category of planting machines, a diverse range of types can be found for performing different tasks.

Used sowing and planting machines on Tradus

Many used sowing and planting machines are offered for sale through Tradus. These often include makes such as Siewnik, Amazone, Väderstad, Kuhn, Kverneland and Horsch. In addition, makes such as Gaspardo, Inny, John Deere, Nordsten, and Lemken are also offered. On a weekly basis, more different makes of used sowing and planting machines are offered for sale.