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Special agri


Special agri

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Special agri

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Special agri


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Special agri

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Special agri trailers

In agricultural business and farming, trailers are used on a daily basis for several purposes. All sorts of agricultural trailers have been collected in this category. Open trailers are suited to stack hay and machines for example, while closed agri trailers are a better fit to transport dirt, bushes of grain, gravel, grass, tools, and other material. Besides open and closed trailers there are many more types of trailers available. Dump trailers, grain trailers, combine harvester trailers and pallet trailers are listed often on Tradus.

Long tongue and axle

In almost all cases, the trailers consist of a long tongue (the metal part between the center of the trailer front cross to the centre of the tow ball) and axle, two to four wheels and a bed or box on top. They vary in height and width depending on what job needs to be done. Some of the used trailers that are listed consist of a simple bed frame and equipped with wheels. These wheels have so-called slip boards that can be inserted or removed. Although agri trailers still do the same work as decades ago, the technology in these machines does change over time. Some used agricultural machines work with computer monitored systems, such as GPS locators and self-steer programs.

Listings on Tradus

The number of agribusiness trailer for sale is large. Brands like Pronar, Metal-Fach, Autosan, and Krone are well represented on Tradus. But also used agri trailers by Pöttinger, Strautmann, Claas, Mi, Tim, Fliegl, Palmse, and Zabudowa are other manufacturers are listed.