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Tipper/dumper trailers

Tipper/dumper trailers are the ideal means of transport for loose material. Gravel, sand, or demolition waste can easily be transported with a tipper/dumper trailer. Agricultural commodities, grain products and grain by-products, or metals and plastic, can also be transported with help from a tipper/dumper trailer. The trailer itself is not able to move and will always need a pulling vehicle to move forward. They can be disconnected from a tractor unit or motorized cab and are able to stand alone. These trailers are often equipped with an open-box bed. The material is deposited in the flatbed, and can later be emptied by tipping it at the front until all material has left the open-box bed.

Different sizes and shapes

Tipper/dumper trailers come in many different sizes and shapes, depending on the job they are intended for. Some are equipped with a low bed and a central locking system, which makes it easily possible to lower the back and sides when emptying the load. The capacity of these tipper/dumper trailers is usually a bit lower. Large tipper/dumper trailers that are used on constructions sites can be used for heavy-duty work and are capable of carrying large masses of gravel, sand, demolition waste or other loads.

Available throughout Europe

Used tipper/dumper trailers from various countries are offered on Tradus and may be fitted with many functionalities. Some are equipped with reversing cameras, an aluminum insulated tipping body, a steel drive axle suspension, or a vertical exhaust system. Several brands of used tipper/dumper trailers have been listed on Tradus: Humbaur, Mercedes-Benz, Sonstige, Meyer, Saris, Fliegl, Möslein, Cheval Liberté, MAN, and Benalu are some of the brands that are regularly listed.

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