MAN TGS 49.440 M 10X4 Euro 6 HYVA Wierda-Axle

Tipper trucks
Net Price
€84 400
€102 124 (Gross)
21% VAT (Reclaimable)
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350,295 km

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BAS Trucks

Veghel, Netherlands
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TGS 49.440 M 10X4 Euro 6 HYVA Wierda-Axle
Vat Reclaimable
First Registration Year
First Registration Month
Brakes Type
Front Axle Brakes Type
350,295 km
Steering Wheel Side
Left hand
Tradus ID:

Technical specs

Second Axle Tire Size
Gross Weight
49,000 kg
Net Weight
19,120 kg
Body Type

Engine and Transmission

Number Of Gears
Number Of Fuel Tanks
Transmission Model
ZF12 Tip Matic
Emission Level
Euro 6
Engine Power
440 hp


Chassis Options
Lift axles
Air conditioning, Cruise control, PTO, Stereo
Disc brakes, Drum brakes, Sun visor, Two fuel tanks


Cabin Type
Commander XT
Tire Size
Body Model
Hyva. Type: AO Kipper-MK2.
Cargo Space Length
7.7 m
Cargo Space Width
2.31 m
Cargo Space Height
1.4 m
590 cm
Rear Tire Size
385/65 R22.5
Axle Configuration
Suspension Type
Max. Payload
29,880 kg

Tradus valuation for MAN TGS 49.440 M 10X4 Euro 6 HYVA Wierda-Axle

MAN TGS 49.440 M 10X4 Euro 6 HYVA Wierda-Axle - 2014
Net Price
€84 400
Tradus Market Value
€71 894
Estimated overpayment
€12 506

This listing is priced very high compared to other similar current and previously sold listings in your market. The advertised price of €84 400 is significantly above the Tradus Market Value (a.k.a. TMV) of €71 894. We rate this listing as HIGH PRICE with estimated overpayment of €12 506.

This listing
€84 400
Great price
Less than €63 400
Good price
€63 400 - €67 700
Fair price
€67 700 - €78 600
High price
€78 600 - €84 800
More than €84 800
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Factors included in TMV model

Gross weight
Emission category
Engine power
Max. payload
Axle configuration


Available in:
Cab: M
Front axle 1: Tyre profile left: 40%; Tyre profile right: 40%; Reduction: hub reduction; Suspension: parabolic suspension
Front axle 2: Steering; Tyre profile left: 40%; Tyre profile right: 40%; Reduction: hub reduction; Suspension: parabolic suspension
Rear axle 1: Steering; Tyre profile left: 20%; Tyre profile right: 20%; Reduction: hub reduction; Suspension: air suspension
Rear axle 2: Tyre profile left: 70%; Tyre profile right: 70%; Reduction: hub reduction; Suspension: parabolic suspension
Rear axle 3: Tyre profile left: 50%; Tyre profile right: 50%; Reduction: hub reduction; Suspension: parabolic suspension
VAT: The price shown is excluding VAT

We recommend you to view this vehicle directly on our website to see FULL vehicle details:

- Detailed HD video inspection
- 360 degree pictures
- Complete specifications

BAS Trucks has a stock of over 1.500 vehicles from all brands, types, ages and mileages.
This sales price is based on a full payment within 5 working days.

Our team speaks 13 languages and we are opened 6 days a week.
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  • AdBlue
  • Air horn
  • Blind spot camera
  • Chassis height: 112
  • Enhanced Engine Brake
  • Headlight type: halogen
  • Hydraulic
  • PTO Type: Pomp PTO
  • Rear view camera
  • Tachograph: digital
  • Tipperunit
  • Amount of fuel tanks: 1
  • Capacity of the superstructure: 25 m3
  • Material: steel
  • Superstructure construction year: 2014
  • Flashing beacon
  • LED Daytime Running Lights
Kabine: M
Vorderachse 1: Reifen Profil links: 40%; Reifen Profil rechts: 40%; Reduzierung: Ausenplanetenachsen; Federung: Parabelfederung
Vorderachse 2: Gelenkt; Reifen Profil links: 40%; Reifen Profil rechts: 40%; Reduzierung: Ausenplanetenachsen; Federung: Parabelfederung
Hinterachse 1: Gelenkt; Reifen Profil links: 20%; Reifen Profil rechts: 20%; Reduzierung: Ausenplanetenachsen; Federung: Luftfederung
Hinterachse 2: Reifen Profil links: 70%; Reifen Profil rechts: 70%; Reduzierung: Ausenplanetenachsen; Federung: Parabelfederung
Hinterachse 3: Reifen Profil links: 50%; Reifen Profil rechts: 50%; Reduzierung: Ausenplanetenachsen; Federung: Parabelfederung
MwSt.: Der angezeigte Preis versteht sich ohne MwSt.

Transport zum Hafen von Belgien / Holland möglich ab € 250, - EUR. Wir können auch mit weltweiten Versand!

Inzahlungnahme möglich für alle fahrzeugtyp, Marke und Baujahre.
Wollen Sie uns besuchen? Wir bieten kostenlose Abholservice vom Flughafen oder Bahnhof.

Leasing möglich: Holland, Belgien, Deutschland, Rumänien, Polen, Slowakei, Tschechische, Bulgarien, Kroatien, Ukraine, Albanien, Kosovo, Litauen, Lettland und Estland.

  • AdBlue
  • Fahrgestellhöhe: 112
  • Hydraulik
  • Kipperanlage
  • Lufthorn
  • Rückfahrsystem
  • Scheinwerfertyp: halogen
  • Tacho: digital
  • Totwinkel-Kamera
  • Verstärkte Motorbremse
  • Zapfwelle-Typ: Pomp PTO
  • Aufbau Baujahr: 2014
  • Kapazität des Aufbau: 25 m3
  • Kraftstofftanks Menge: 1
  • Material: steel
  • Drehlicht
  • LED-Tagfahrlicht
Cabine: M
Vooras 1: Bandenprofiel links: 40%; Bandenprofiel rechts: 40%; Reductie: naafreductie; Vering: paraboolvering
Vooras 2: Meesturend; Bandenprofiel links: 40%; Bandenprofiel rechts: 40%; Reductie: naafreductie; Vering: paraboolvering
Achteras 1: Meesturend; Bandenprofiel links: 20%; Bandenprofiel rechts: 20%; Reductie: naafreductie; Vering: luchtvering
Achteras 2: Bandenprofiel links: 70%; Bandenprofiel rechts: 70%; Reductie: naafreductie; Vering: paraboolvering
Achteras 3: Bandenprofiel links: 50%; Bandenprofiel rechts: 50%; Reductie: naafreductie; Vering: paraboolvering
Bekleding: Stof
BTW: De getoonde prijs is exclusief BTW

Bezoek onze website voor:
-Gedetailleerde HD video inspectie
-360 graden fotos
-Complete specificaties
BAS Trucks heeft een voorraad van meer dan 1.500 voertuigen van alle merken, types, leeftijden en kilometrages.
De prijs vermeld is geldig bij betaling binnen 5 dagen.

We zijn 6 dagen per week geopend.
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BAS Parts heeft meer dan 100.000 nieuwe en gebruikte onderdelen op voorraad, ook zijn we leverancier van Volvo, DAF en Renault.

  • Achteruitrijcamera
  • AdBlue
  • Chassishoogte: 112
  • Dodehoekcamera
  • Hydrauliek
  • Kiepinrichting
  • Koplamptype: halogen
  • Luchthoorn
  • Tacho: digital
  • Type PTO: Pomp PTO
  • Versterkte Motorrem
  • Bouwjaar opbouw: 2014
  • Capaciteit van de opbouw: 25 m3
  • Hoeveelheid brandstoftanks: 1
  • Materiaal: steel
  • LED-dagrijverlichting
  • Zwaailamp
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